Reimagine. Repurpose. Relinquish.


1 September 2019 | Cassia & Karri Rooms, The Westin | Perth, Western Australia

In planning for closure, a mining company puts forth a vision of what the coming years will hold for its site. Otherwise known as the post-mining land use, this vision captures what condition and what use(s) the company visualises for the land. The company then works steadily towards achieving that vision. However, even when a company has met all of its rehabilitation and closure obligations, regulators and/or other stakeholders may still be reluctant to allow a mine to be relinquished, particularly where this requires custodial transfer of risk. Consequently, it encounters barriers, frustrations and costly delays.

This one day workshop includes presentations and interactive sessions. In the morning, the programme will discuss the challenges, barriers and opportunities associated with relinquishment, and discuss current policy and practical issues associated with custodial transfer of risk. During the afternoon, we will reimagine the closure planning process to repurpose this for relinquishment planning.

Workshop Facilitator


Sonia Finucane
Director and Principal Consultant
Bioscope Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd

Sonia provides closure services to projects in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and Africa. With more than 30 years of experience, she has been involved in closure planning for mining, industrial and infrastructure projects and operations. Sonia works at the interface of the environment and community, and has a strong track record in providing practical advice and workable solutions.

Workshop Presenters

Dr Kirsty Beckett
Principal Mine Closure
Fortescue Metals Group
Kirsty is a multi-disciplinary geoscientist who specialises in mine closure management. Kirsty’s technical experience across a range of environmental disciplines enables her to see beyond the technical outputs to develop site specific closure strategies that reduce risk and cost, and capitalise on opportunities during the mine life.

Dr Kamila Svobodova
Research Fellow
University of Queensland & Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Kamila is a landscape engineer with PhD in architecture and urbanism. She works with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at Sustainable Mineral Institute. Kamila’s research interests span landscape planning, human perception and mine rehabilitation. Her expertise is in understanding the importance of environmental psychology when designing a post-mining landscape. Beside her academic career, Kamila has worked as an urban planner, and participated in various regional development planning projects.

Chris Tiemann
Environment & Community Manager
Independence Group
Chris is a HSEC professional with 10 years mining experience in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. In his current role, Chris is responsible for overall management of Independence Group’s group closure planning processes and liability estimates. Chris is also undertaking a PhD in mine closure policy, focusing specifically on relinquishment.